PlainsCraft unveiled its new ‘Pony’ wagon at The Glamping Show USA.

PlainsCraft Covered Wagons has unveiled a new ‘Pony wagon’ at The Glamping Show USA, which runs through today (Oct. 5) in Aurora, Colo.

The wagon is a much smaller version of the larger wagons the company has been selling to park owners across the U.S, over the past few years.

“We have had several interested potential customers who want the luxury and beauty of our wagons, but they don’t necessarily need all of the amenities we typically offer,” noted PlainsCraft in an email to WOODALLSCM.com. “A smaller footprint also means we can ship more wagons to one truck. It makes it much more affordable to those smaller organizations.


The inside of PlainsCraft’s new ‘Pony’ wagon.

“We’ve also had massive interest from the overseas market, so to keep up with that demand, we wanted an option that would allow for easier shipping overseas,” the email added. “We can ship multiple units in an overseas shipping container.”

The Pony wagons are 22 feet in length with 16 feet of interior space. PlainsCraft has developed custom furniture for the wagon, which includes a queen bed and a twin bunk on top, as well as a wagon wheel table. It includes the company’s premium BonnetGard Cover System, which is an innovative, five-layer canvas solution designed for comfort, longevity and appearance, noted the email.

It also includes a 12,000 BTU mini split heat pump, four 115-volt outlets with charging ports and space for additional furniture. The unit features a zippered front entrance.

To learn more about the Pony wagon and see other products, click here. 


PlainsCraft Pony Wagon