A proposed Ocean State RV Resort in Bradford, Conn., suffered a serious blow in court Tuesday (Sept. 18) when a judge overturned a Zoning Board of Review ruling that would have allowed construction of the 175-unit facility to proceed.

The Westerly Sun reported that Superior Court Judge Brian P. Stern upheld the appeal of the McGowan’s Corners Neighborhood Association contesting the zoning board’s May 3 approval of Charlestown developer Larry LeBlanc’s plan to develop 59 acres. The board had overturned a ruling by Zoning Officer Elizabeth Burdick that the development would be a mobile home park, which is not permitted under the town’s zoning ordinance.

In the wake of Stern’s ruling from the bench, the Planning Board postponed its hearing on the proposal until October; the hearing had been scheduled for Tuesday night.

“Since the decision was rendered this morning, the parties should have an opportunity to review it before it continues forward,” said Jack Payne, Planning Board solicitor.

Vincent Naccarato, lawyer for LeBlanc, said he would wait until a written ruling is issued by Stern before deciding how to proceed. “We’re weighing our options,” he said.

Payne, who heard Stern announce his decision on Tuesday at the McGrath Judicial Complex in Wakefield, praised the judge’s ruling. “He clearly did his homework,” Payne said.

The solicitor said he doubted that the judge’s ruling would bring an end to the dispute.

“Trailer parks are not permitted under town zoning, but campgrounds are permitted under special use. They can go forward on the basis of a campground proposal, using transient vehicles instead of trailers,” Payne said.