The Fayette County Zoning Hearing Board denied a special exception to expand The Rivers Edge Campground in Dunbar Township in southwestern Pennsylvania for additional spaces for recreational vehicles, the Connellsville Daily Courier reported.

Approaching the zoning hearing board Wednesday (Nov. 17) was Denne R. Yenchochic and Denise D. Gallo, owners of the campground who wanted to expand to the other side of the Youghiogheny Bike Trail to accommodate 30 RV sites with full hookups of gas, water and sewage as well as a garage.

Yenchochic informed the board that they expected seasonal RVs to occupy the space, meaning the RVs would be parked at the site long-term and not just for a weekend.

A number of residents attended the meeting to voice their concerns.

One resident asked about security. Yenchochic said there is one main security guard at the campground, but it has added more security personnel when needed and planned to do so with the expansion.

Attorney Doug Sepic, representing Geno Gallo, Denise Gallo’s brother who sold the campground to her seven years ago, questioned Yenchochic about a propane tank located nearly 10 feet from the bike trail that is without screening or fencing as dirt and other debris piled on what is considered by some to be a floodplain. Yenchochic said the issue would be addressed, if needed.

Residents in the Adelaide Road area say the road is too narrow for the increased traffic and especially for large vehicles, such as two RVs passing each other. Residents have had vehicles drive onto their property because of the narrow roadway.

“We would be more than willing to install additional signage if permitted,” Yenchochic said.

Geno Gallo commented that he was in front of the hearing board a month ago with a special exception request to build cabins on property he owns near the campground but was denied because the proposal may be a danger to the safety, health and welfare of the community, which were the reasons the board voted to deny yesterday’s request.