It takes a lot to slow down the Windy City, according to NBC News.

Chicagoans have thick skins when it comes to bitter temperatures making them able to withstand even the most frigid winters, but this week’s record level sub-zero blast has thrown everyone a bit off.

With dangerously low wind chills hovering near minus 60, much of the city has sealed itself up.

Illinois, along with many of its neighbors, has been declared under a state of emergency by the governor.

Schools and government offices have shut down. Flights are grounded, several train lines suspended, and a number of roads closed off for icy conditions.

Navy Pier, the Shedd Aquarium, and much of Magnificent mile is closed down. A rare occurrence for main attractions and a blunt message to tourists: come back another time.

It’s the city’s own brand of natural disaster, and we’re not taking it lightly.

Anticipating the deep freeze, people have gone into disaster mode. Residents have stockpiled food and supplies expecting the worst — broken appliances, nonfunctioning cars, or busted water pipes.

Long lines at grocery stores were full of residents buying water jugs, paper products and ready to eat meals in bulk on Tuesday night. Generators and batteries were either sold out or in low supply at most hardware stores.

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