Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area (AOAA) authority members announced the Burnside, Pa., park has officially surpassed their first-year goal, the News Item reported.

From the park’s May 17 opening through Oct. 21, the park sold 4,492 passes for a total of $107,706.

“We’ve probably only expended about half of that,” said Jim Backes, authority chairman.

According to treasurer’s report on Monday, the organization has approximately $68,000 in its coffers.

Surplus money will be used for trail development and equipment, said Backes.

Backes anticipates the park will make double or triple that amount in 2015. Revenue will sharply grow due to increase in sales of multiday passes after the park begins opening more days per week, he said.

David Porzi, operations director, said he is frequently asked by patrons to have the park open Thursday through Monday to allow for five-day riding trips. His goal is to make this happen by mid-April.

“We have to go after what the users are asking for,” said Porzi.

Backes said the most common request from patrons is for overnight accommodations, including campsites, bed and breakfasts and hotels. Maria and Joe Bressi, of Earthday Campground, are attempting to fill this need with a 137 site campground along Upper Road. They hope to build a direct access road from their property.

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