An agreement to keep California’s Palomar Mountain State Park in northern San Diego County open for the next three years is just days away from being finalized, and the popular Doane Valley Campground will reopen by mid-April, a park official said this week.

The campground was shuttered in October due to the state’s financial troubles, but Nedra Martinez, superintendent for Palomar and Cuyamaca Rancho state parks said Wednesday (March 28) that extra seasonal funding was found that will allow the campground to reopen no later than April 13, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

Reservations are not yet being accepted but should be soon.

The campground, a favorite of local campers for decades, is being cleaned up now and park aides are being hired, Martinez said.

Meanwhile, an agreement between a nonprofit group and the state that will allow the park to stay open for the next three years is just awaiting signatures before taking effect.

The park had been one of 70 in the state slated for permanent closure come July 1.