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The Lake Okeechobee Outpost company that runs the Pahokee, Fla., marina and campground has asked to get out of its lease and the mayor says the city is going to allow the company to do that.

Mayor J. P. Sasser said the city is considering another company to operate the facility because the city does not have the manpower to do it.

“Loggerhead is moving out because they are losing money,” Sasser said.

The mayor also said the public will still be allowed to fish on the pier but the marina restaurant, cabins and campgrounds will be closed.

Longtime city resident Larry Wright said he’s devastated.

“It hurts,” Wright said. “It really hurts because millions of dollars — federal, local, city and county — have been spent here.”

A special town hall meeting is set for Jan 9. to discuss where the city will go from here.