Barry Crane

Foothills Lions member and Turner Valley Mayor Barry Crane posted an incredulous video on Facebook regarding the disappearance of the portable toilet from the Lions Campground in Black Diamond on Dec. 12. Credit: Facebook

The Foothills Lions Campground porta-potty proved too portable last week after members found it to be missing out of the Alberta park, according to Cochrane Today.

The portable toilet had been brought out for public use as the Lions prepared a skating rink and light display at the campground.

“Over here at the campground, we’ve got all these fire pits, we’ve got the rink we’re making, but you know what’s missing? Our porta-potty,” said Lions member and Turner Valley Mayor Barry Crane in a Facebook Live video posted Dec. 12. He believed it to be stolen. “Now I don’t get that. If you’ve gotta go, there are corner stores, there are gas stations, you go to Timmys — you don’t need to take the whole potty. That might’ve been a bad weekend, but I’ve never had a weekend bad enough I needed to take a whole porta-potty home with me. Besides, it’s not even heated. Really.

“They literally had to come into our campground, which is normally locked, but we opened for the public, and they had to put it on a truck and drive away with it,” he added.

Crane said that volunteers had searched the nearby area and riverbank to make sure the toilet hadn’t simply hitched a ride on strong winds the night prior.

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