After four days without power, a North Scituate, R.I., campground finally got their power back on Thursday (Nov. 2).

According to WPRI, nestled in the woods of North Scituate, Holiday Acres is a seasonal campground, but it is also home to about three dozen families who live in trailers.

When Eyewitness News spoke with families living in the campground, they had been without power since Sunday.

“They can’t use their water, they can’t use their electric, they can’t shower, they can’t cook, they can’t use their heat. It’s unlivable,” Manager Mark Picard said.

Picard was understandably frustrated since his property was the only one in the area still in the dark.

“Every neighbor of mine has their power back, except for us,” he said.

Karly Faring lives in her trailer at the campground and said she had to think of creative and sometimes dangerous ways to keep her 3-year-old son warm at night.

“It feels like we’re just forgotten and neglected out here,” she said. “We put our oven on some nights.”

Faring is not alone, Brenda Parkeri also lives at the campground and said she had to use her car batteries to try and keep warm.

“After many days of trying to use car batteries to try and keep warm that wasn’t a feasible option any more and no heat for them I had to break down and buy a generator which cost me a lot of money,” Parkeri said.

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