My Cabin

My Cabin are manufactured in the U.S.

PrefabPads LLC, a U.S.-based manufacturing and distribution company, has announced it is bringing My Cabin to North America, with the opening of its first production facility in Waukegan, Ill. This will be the first entry into the U.S. and Canadian marketplace for My Cabin, a Latvian prefabricated home manufacturing company recognized for its striking Scandinavian design and versatility of living space, according to a press release.

“My Cabin provides ready-made intentional solutions to small living, where functionality and design meet,” states the release. “Its sleek, elevated and chic design is small while spacious and ingeniously practical. My Cabin homes can serve as a primary residence, an extension of the home in the form of office space, guest quarters, home gym, pool house or storage, a getaway destination, a resort and rental destination and even a sauna. The possibilities are truly endless.”

“We are thrilled to now offer My Cabin to the North American market, providing the ultimate small living experience,” said Peter Seltenright, COO and co-founder. “These modern units are built in our 30,000 sq.ft. facility in Waukegan, Ill., allowing us complete control over quality from start to finish, in a climate-controlled environment. We are certain our gorgeous Cabins will begin popping up everywhere in 2023 and beyond. Our Technology and infrastructure allow the production of Cabins at a fraction of the time seen in traditional construction.”

PrefabPads has increased the level of engineering for My Cabin in North America to add maximum insulation values, high wind loads and strong snow loads to meet U.S. building codes in nearly every state.

My Cabin offers four different models:

  • My Milla Long (516 sq. ft.) is our largest offering. It includes a kitchen with an island, a living room area, full bathroom with a walk-in shower and stackable washer/dryer, a ground floor bedroom and a loft area that overlooks the living room for storage and extra space. Expansive windows run the height of the first floor.
  • My Milla (357 sq. ft.) checks all the boxes with a kitchen, full bathroom, and comfortable sleeping and living areas full of light and ample space.
  • My Kalmus (185 sq. ft.) serves as an accessory space, perfect as an office/den, guest quarters, or extra living room for family overflow! Available with or without a full bathroom.
  • My Galia (80 sq. ft.) a matching sauna that provides full relaxation with an all-cedar interior. This is the perfect addition to any backyard or vacation property as a tool to boost rental revenue.
    Individual unit pricing ranges from $37,500-$140,000.

All units are designed to work together in harmony and can be sold as a set. If desired, My Cabin clients can work with a personal contractor to connect units once delivered and My Cabin can assist in planning the best configuration for the customer’s needs, notes the release.

From start to finish, buyers are taken through the following steps that they need to take to complete the process in a matter of months:

  •  Configure your cabin with the My Cabin team
  • Ensure site suitability for My Cabin units
  • Customer applies for permits with the My Cabin stamped and sealed plans addressing your local codes
  • Confirm order details once the building permit is issued
  • Building begins and the customer begins site work with their local GC
  • Delivery and set-up per My Cabin guidelines

“My Cabin is the latest company to enter the hot, U.S. prefab home market,” said Kerry Tarnow, a popular influencer that reviews and features manufactured and modular homes.  “I think they are going to be a very popular choice for buyers. People want something that’s cool and also affordable and My Cabin is going to deliver.”