Pike Bay

Pike Bay in Tower, Minn., could be the site of a new RV park.

Plans for a second RV park, located on Pike Bay just west of the Standing Bear Marina in Tower, Minn., hit a temporary speed bump last week at the Tower Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, according to The Timberjay.

The commission is asking the developer, Justin Renner, to provide a bit more information about his plans for a seasonal RV park before moving forward with his request for a conditional use permit. The city’s new land use permit application is still a work in progress and the form demonstrated its limitations for a more complex request, such as a large RV park, since the completed application provided little information about what Renner was actually proposing.

The commission agreed that it would need more details before bringing his proposal to a public hearing, which is required for a CUP. Renner is in the process of acquiring approximately 58 acres that front Pike Bay but is seeking to have his proposed use approved before completing the transaction.

State law requires the completion of an environmental assessment for an RV park of the size that Renner is proposing.

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