KY. Development

Matt Varney speaks about the proposed park project.

A new venture in the Belfry, Ky., community hopes to see tourists pouring into the Pond Creek area’s Hardy Park, according to WYMT.

“This is a good area. An area that’s not being utilized real good right now and we want it. We want to do things here,” said Matt Varney. “We have big ideas.”

Varney and his partner Danny Oliver announced plans Thursday (July 29) to give Hardy Park a new face. The “Feuding Falls Campground and Waterpark,” taking its name from the area’s historic Hatfield and McCoy feud, will bring a host of new activities to the park.

“It’s gonna take time. We’ve got to be patient. We’re wanting to do a lot, but it’s a slow process. But we’re working on it and this is a big step today,” Varney said.

According to Oliver, the duo hopes to see the first of several phases complete by Memorial Day 2022. That phase includes adding two 250 foot slides to the pool area and designating a campground on-site.

The men also hope to put the entire space of the park to use, adding a kids area and more where the tennis courts are currently located. And, in the future, they hope to add cabins on the property.

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