A proposed campground on Devils Lake in Burnett County, Wisc., is on the agenda at June’s Land Use committee meeting. It is setting up to have a similar public backlash to the Big Wood Lake Campground development that was tabled earlier this year, according to the Burnett County Sentinel

Daniel Chelmo submitted his conditional use permit in May to turn three parcels in the towns of Oakland and Meenon into a 120-unit campground to be developed over the next five years. The site address will be 7162 S. Devils Lake Drive.

An online petition in opposition of the proposed campground was started in May and now has over 1,000 signatures. The petition purpose states, “Fighting to preserve the natural beauty, overall prosperity, local wildlife and serenity of Devils Lake from a proposed 120-plus site RV park and campground on the old Chelmo Farm.”

The petition also points out that campsites would have access to Devils Lake and the Yellow River.

“Our main concerns (to name a few) would be further soil and shoreline erosion/damage, pollution and water quality, septic waste/runoff from a campground of such scale, extreme overcrowding – as Devils already has Bumps Campground and is not the proper size to support another campground, and would severely decrease our property values on the lake,” the petition says. “Having their own private launch into Devils Lake would also raise the risk of zebra mussels exposure and other aquatic species that we have fought so hard to protect against.”

Zebra mussels are an invasive species that were first found in Big McKenzie Lake in 2016. Since then, Burnett County Conservationist Dave Ferris has been helping lakes associations set up decontamination sites at a number of county lakes.

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