According to a report by the Delmarva Daily Times, the Pine Shores Golf Course on Route 611 in Berlin, Md., just north of Assateague Island, has been closed since 2010, but that’s not to say the land it’s on is any less valuable.

The land was purchased for development to be used as a campground by Todd Burbage and the Blue Water Development Corporation, a commercial real estate company based out of Berlin which owns properties up and down Delmarva, including the Commander Hotel in Ocean City, Sunset Beach Resort in Cape Charles and Bethany Beach Ocean Suites in Bethany.

However, since the land was purchased and it was made public Burbage wishes to convert the land into a campground, there has been push back from residents who live along Route 611.

“We just don’t think this is the type of development should be in this neighborhood,” said Joan Jenkins, who lives along Route 611. “The comprehensive plan says Route 376 down Route 611 to the park is a scenic route and should remain so.”

At a public meeting held at the Ocean Pines Library on Dec. 28, individuals opposed to the proposed campsite met to discuss the future of the property.

Donald Bounds, who lives along Route 376 close to the proposed campsite, said his main concern is the traffic and the safety hazards the campsite would cause for both motorists and pedestrians.

“The impatient person behind them will drive down the shoulder,” he said. “If they allow this campground, people coming from Assateague who want to get into the campground will pass them on the right and that creates a bad situation safety wise.”

However, those who are proposing the campsite feel as if the safety dangers are unfounded.

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