A conceptual sketch for a portion of a proposed luxury RV resort at Hilton Head National Golf Course in greater Bluffton, S.C.

Developers of a proposed greater Bluffton, S.C.-area RV park hit a bit of a snag when county staffers sent them away with “homework” and deferred ruling on their conceptual plans at Wednesday’s staff review team meeting, according to The Island Packet.

It was not the reaction Scratch Golf LLC — owner of Hilton Head National Golf Course and hopeful developer of a luxury RV “resort” on the property — was expecting.

“We were completely ready (for the meeting),” said Bluffton attorney Barry Johnson, who represents Scratch Golf. He added that he thought the review team would “approve the project with conditions” instead of deferring a decision to a future meeting.

And Johnson noted that the county’s traffic engineer wasn’t at the meeting and was thus unable to discuss issues.

Regardless, developers will have address followup questions about tree removal and parking pad construction, among other things. They’ll have to satisfy some staffers who want more specificity — and firmer plans — at the conceptual stage.

And while Wednesday’s meeting didn’t advance the project, it offered more insight as to how the RV park will look and operate.

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