The Occupy movement has identified several campgrounds in the area of Charlotte, N.C., for possible housing during next week’s expected protest at the Democratic National Convention.

The list includes McDowell Nature Preserve, Statesville KOA and Glenwood Acres RV Park in Charlotte, the Charlotte Observer reported.

It’s unclear if those accommodations have any takers yet. Glenwood Acres owner Phillip Little said he doesn’t know of any protesters who are staying there yet. “No sir, no one’s called me, no protesters,” he said.

Public parks, tents pitched on private lawns, friends’ couches, churches and out-of-town hotels are some of the places where protesters headed to Charlotte next week plan to stay.

The biggest march of the week is expected to be Sunday’s March on Wall Street South, which police have estimated could draw up to 10,000 people.

Many of them are taking buses into town just for the day, but many also are planning to stay for the week.

“We kind of have a network,” said Michael Zytkow, an Occupy Charlotte organizer working with the coalition behind Sunday’s march. “Some people call it couch surfing. We also have a lot of people that are willing to open their backyard, their private land.”

Zytkow said he expects more people to set up tents on private than public property.

Police have not said if they will enforce the city’s anti-camping ordinance, which forbids using tents on public property to sleep or store personal belongings.