The spring schedule for the RV Technician Distance Learning program at Northampton Community College, in partnership with the Pennsylvania RV and Camping Association (PRVCA), has been released. According to a press release, PRVCA member employees will receive 50% reimbursement on tuition after successful completion of a course.

Upon completion, students will receive a certificate that can be faxed to the PRVCA office at 717-303-0297 and a check for 50% of the courses tuition will be mailed to the student. The courses can also go towards recertification credits (see course descriptions for each courses credits). For more information, call the PRVCA office at 888-303-2887.

The spring schedule is as follows:

Introduction to RV Services (Beta 6001): Jan. 16 – Feb. 19; 28 credit hours; Tuition: $190 (after completion, cost to PRVCA member employees $95). This course is the logical entry point into the RV Technician Training Program. It delves into the workings of a typical RV dealership service center and exposes the student to the skills necessary to function within a dealership environment. RV construction techniques are discussed as well as the proper care and use of hand tools. Safety, work habits and the introduction to RV Codes and Standards are also presented. A deeper look into the various job classifications and pay structures at the RV dealership gives the student a well-rounded view of what is possible after training and certification.

RV Liquid Propane Systems (Beta 6008): Feb. 20 – March 25; 28 credit hours; Tuition: $190 (after completion, cost to PRVCA member employees $95). The second of the three major systems found in recreation vehicles, the LP system, is dissected in detail. Since propane is flammable, safety precautions are emphasized right from the start and throughout the entire course. Here, the student studies the properties of propane as well as the types of containers used in the RV industry. Proper procedures for purging, storing and using LP, including the importance of regulation, are presented and performed on paper as well as during many hands-on assignments. RVIA-mandated tests are also perfected.

RV Water Heaters (Beta 6018): March 26 – April 22; 18 credit hours; Tuition: $125 (after completion, cost to PRVCA member employees $62.50). Now that an understanding of propane and the delivery system within the RV has been mastered, the student begins a very detailed and in-depth look at the four LP-burning appliances common to most recreational vehicles. First up is the water heater. Identifying the various types of RV water heaters and their individual components moves quickly into the proper installation procedures. Operational problems are then dissected and repair procedures are studied to perfection.

All of the courses are RVIA-approved and feature competency-based instruction, assignments and testing. To learn more about the upcoming courses, please go to the PRVCA website at www.PRVCA.org and click on “Training.” To register for the courses, call Northampton Community College at 1-877-543-0998.