The Catskill (N.Y.) Town Planning Board scheduled a public hearing for Tiny Tines, a proposed campground development, for Nov. 27, according to Hudson Valley 360. 

The proposed 60-site campground, managed by rustic vacation rental company Getaway, will be located on Cairo Junction Road. The campground would allow visitors to rent on-site RVs.

Residents previously expressed concerns over the lighting, noise, traffic, trespassing, flooding and visual impact associated with the site at an informational meeting Aug. 28.

The project’s engineer, Patrick Prendergast, has been working with the planning board to abide by the town’s new campground law, approved Sept. 4, and to address residents’ concerns. The new campground law gives the new businesses a set of guidelines to abide by when going through the application process.

The revised site plans included a storm water prevention plan, a drainage study, electrical and screening plans.

“Houses are already being flooded in this area,” Board Member Thomas Decker said, as Prendergast presented the drainage study. “There are existing issues.”

“His obligation is to keep the output the same — not fix the problem,” said Kevin Schwenzfeier, a consultant from Delaware Engineering.

The storm water plan will keep runoff from the roads separate from the sheet flow from the woods, Prendergast said as he reviewed the plans.

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