Heavy rains on Monday evening (Oct. 1) left more than a dozen campers in Lebanon, Tenn., scrambling to save their RVs, WKRN-TV, Nashville, reported.

Timberline Resort on Murfreesboro Road near Interstate 40 was flooded after water spilled out of Sinking Creek and into the campground.

Jonathan Witt and Katie Vanoeffelen, of Michigan, were in town for work. They were not at the site when the water began rising, but their truck and recreational vehicle were parked within a few yards of creek bank in Lot 6.

“We got a phone call that said, ‘The camper’s going to get flooded. You need to get here immediately,'” Vanoeffelen said.

Within minutes, Vanoeffelen and Witt arrived back at the campsite, but the water was rising quickly.

“When we got here, water just started to get on the rear jacks of the RV,” Witt said. “By the time I was done, my trailer is three [to] three-and-a-half feet plus my truck and the water was already up to the running boards of my truck which in on the uphill side.”

When the water receded, debris was clumped on any items left behind by quickly moving campers, including picnic tables, grills, coolers and bicycles.

As many as 15 recreational vehicles were moved to higher ground within two hours, some of them towed.

The extent of the damage to the property or vehicles is unknown.

Workers at Timberline Resort said the campground has not flooded to the same extreme since May 2010.