RealVideo Campsites, the Internet provider of Video Directory for RV campgrounds, announced the launch of Technology Marketing. 

Technology Marketing is a series of consulting services, specifically designed to assist RV campgrounds in increasing their business through the use of technology, according to a news release. These consulting services range from website design, creation and implementation to integrating Twitter/Facebook into the campgrounds’ marketing strategy. 

These new services are provided in a cost-efficient manner and each program is custom designed for the unique differences between campgrounds. 

“We believe that our services are very affordable with complete website services, including hosting, starting at $1,200,” said Keith Bennett, founder of RealVideo Campsites. 

Technology Marketing will bring technology based promotion to the business plan of privately owned RV parks. Areas of the new offering include technologies such as: website services, Twitter/Facebook, brand creation, partner programs, blogs/podcasts, video promotion, trade show management, packaging consulting, electronic newsletter and electronic guests services. 

RVers have a high use of technology and use technology in their RVing activities, Bennett noted. “Younger RVers (30 – 45) expect RV parks to have technology and they use new social networking technology to gather information about RV parks and where they want to spend their travel dollars,” he said. 

“Economic conditions have changed and will continue to change the way RV parks reach out to potential customers,” he continued. “It will also affect the way RV parks stay in touch with their customers as the lifetime value of a customer has just become much more important. Technology must be used while maintaining a “personal touch”; high tech and high touch will be the key success drivers in the future.” 

Additional information can be seen at: www.realvideocampsites.com/content_pages/view/19. 

RealVideo Campsites was started in 2008 to provide the Internet’s only video directory of RV campsites.