Rally attendees stop at Red Rover in Atlanta at the Good Sam rally.

Red Rover Camping continued to introduce its concept to campers at the recent Good Sam Rally in Atlanta with the goal of visiting with and getting feedback from actual users. Red Rover Camping leaders Robert Bouse and Ben Carr personally manned the booth and reported positive reception.

According to Carr, “Once we explained that Red Rover Camping was not a club or membership and was free to the camping and RVing public, everyone we talked to was extremely receptive. To our delight and surprise folks we spoke to at the show came back the next day saying they had gone to the website and provided us valuable insight as to what they would like to see there. Many actually said they went on and booked campsites for their upcoming trips or were going to use it on the way to their next destination.”

Bouse said, “We explained to folks that the website and number of campgrounds with inventory will grow with time and that they should come back often to see what has been added.

“Unlike other services offered to campgrounds with online bookings, Red Rover Camping campground owners are not required to sign up on a reservation system; there are no contracts, upfront fees, or term obligations. Since we only get paid when we actually deliver customers to a park we have to be very aggressive about getting campers to come to our website and book. That is why we were at the Good Sam Rally and will be at other large events around the country promoting Red Rover Camping to campers,” said Bouse.

The number of campgrounds that are putting a few campsites into Red Rover Camping’s inventory during slow times continues to grow and Red Rover Camping is working with some of the largest campground owners and groups in the country.

The alliances with campground owner associations continue to grow as well. The recent addition of The New Hampshire Campground Owners Association, along with alliances with the Texas and Florida owners association has created interest with other associations. “We are hoping to be able to announce additional alliances in the near future. This is a process, not an event, but we are extremely excited about how well and rapidly Red Rover Camping has been embraced by both campground owners and the camping public,” said Carr.

Red Rover Camping offers an online, searchable database of campgrounds across the country and a state-of-the-art reservation system that allows for real-time online booking for customers.  Red Rover Camping encourages campers to post comments and reviews, and for campground owners to claim their campground.

Red Rover uses several marketing channels to drive customers to its website and to deliver customers to their desired campground. Red Rover is a free service to campground owners and campers, with a fee paid by the campground owner only when a camper uses the reservation system to book a stay at their campground.


To learn more about Red Rover Camping go to www.RedRoverCamping.com or call 888-833-8399 Ext. 1246.