After eight decades of living by it, Bob Sebring sees no reason why others shouldn’t be able to follow it during camping season.

“It just makes sense to me and I wish more people would go by it,” he said outside of the office of Tri-Lake Trails Campground in Marshall, Mich., the Battle Creek Enquirer reported.

The Golden Rule is what Sebring is talking about. It has become his life-governing principle.

“The Golden Rule is the opposite of what people these days seem to want to do,” he said. “They want to be independent and do what they want when they want, regardless of the effect it has on others. That’s leading to all kinds of problems with society.”

In response, he tries to reverse that outlook whenever he can, wherever he can, but especially within the 272-site campground community he operates with his sister and sister-in-law.

“You don’t hear the word ‘reputation’ a lot anymore and that’s too bad because it used to be something people protected,” Sebring said. “We enjoy a good reputation we’ve built from being friendly and trying to do right by everyone for the past 38 years. We like being able to share with the public what our family has protected since 1848,” the year the family farm originated.

Tri-Lake Trails Campground was founded in 1976 by Sebring, his brother, Jack, and his sister, Jean Gladstone, and their respective spouses, Faye, Doris and Jack.

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