The meeting came to order amid the luxury of the Lake Jovita Golf & Country Club with a putting green visible through the glass doors of the clubhouse and an extensive wine cabinet filling the wall inside, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

But the people filling the 120 white folding chairs didn’t come for the ambiance. They came for answers about the proposed North Pasco RV Resort in St. Leo, that plans to park as many as 675 RVs on what is now agricultural land at the northeast corner of Interstate 75 and Lake Iola Road.

Just seven minutes after starting the Sept. 10 community meeting, a requirement of Pasco County’s land development code, it turned raucous.

When they weren’t criticizing the acoustics or the meeting format, many in the crowd raised concerns about transportation, water quality, political favoritism and whether an RV resort adhered to the county’s land-use plan that includes special protections against sprawl for rural northeast Pasco.

The proposed resort from Vcare Consultants of Tampa, calls for turning 130 acres of former citrus groves into an RV park abutting Moody Lake. It would include a lodge, convenience store, pool, dock and other recreational amenities. And because the resort is considered akin to a hotel, the county’s rural land protections aren’t applicable since they govern residential development only.

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