Bob Earle

Bob Earle overlooks a piece of property that will soon be home to a Nebraska campground.

When it came to retirement plans, the Earleys definitely weren’t expecting this, according to News Channel Nebraska.

“Every time we cleared some trees, we just found another piece of prime real estate,” said Bob Earle. “It was just so obvious it was going to be a resort area.”

What was originally going to be their retirement home near the edge of Platte River quickly became their retirement project.

“I think this is going to be our retirement: managing the campground,” Earle said. “I can think of worse retirements.”

Both Betty and Bob Earley want to share 24 acres of nature with the city of Columbus as a campsite resort. And it’s just six and a half miles from town.

For them, what makes the area so special is the sheer unbridled nature on display.

“The air out here is so much cleaner and fresher because we have constant running water from the falls. You just feel better when you’re out here,” Earley said.

And it’s not just great outdoors. There are two cabins, each able to sleep five people, replete with modern kitchens and fully stocked with utilities.

And then there’s the eagle lodge. A hall that can sleep 8 with an entertainment center, a master suite with king-sized beds, and a nice view of the veranda.

They say despite their previous work flipping houses and working real estate, every day of putting together a campsite has been filled with learning and trying new things.

The Earley’s are eyeing a grand opening in May of this year, planning 30 campsites across its acres.

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