Memorial Day is Monday and lots of rainfall and flooding across the state is affecting campers in northwest Arkansas, where park rangers are asking people to leave certain areas of Horseshoe Bend, television station KOZL reported.

It’s a popular campsite along Beaver Lake usually flooded with RVs this time of year, now roads are flooded with six inches of water. More than a dozen campers were there Wednesday, but thanks to Mother Nature, they must be gone today (May 21).

“Everybody wants this area,” said Ed Warrick, a camper calling the area “prime” real estate.

The 15 campsites at Beaver Lake usually open for Memorial Day weekend are now closed because of rising waters and flooded campgrounds.

“We’ve noticed every day the water getting higher and higher,” said Justin Shackelford. Shackelford’s family planned on spending the Memorial Day weekend at the area, but he and other campers are getting the boot before the big holiday because of high rising waters.

“Hadn’t wanted to come out here because I was afraid I’d get told what I just got told,” said Warrick. “I fought to get this spot because it’s the number-one spot in the whole camp.”

According to Beaver Lake park rangers, waters have risen two feet after last weekend’s flooding.

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