Rocky Mountain National Park

Credit: ABC 7

Rocky Mountain National Park is proposing to increase its daily vehicle entrance fee and campground overnight fees, according to ABC 7.

According to the park, the proposal would increase the Daily Vehicle Entrance fee by $5, from $25 to $30. In addition, both summer and winter campground fees will go up. The summer fee for camping at Moraine Park, Glacier Basin, Aspenglen and Timber Creek Campgrounds would increase from $30 to $35 per night, and winter campground fees would increase at Moraine Park Campground from $20 to $35.

Group campsite fees in Glacier Basin Campground would increase by $10 per night.

These proposals do not affect the park’s weekly pass, park annual pass or any interagency American the Beautiful passes.

This possible increase is based on fees for nearby campgrounds and will help park staff improve and maintain its visitor services.

Basic park operations are funded by Congress, but the recreation fees collected are used to support new projects and ongoing maintenance, the park staff said.

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