RMS Hospitality Solutions will introduce the Guest Portal and Hospitality Portal for the company’s Hospitality Cloud at the Nov. 7-10 ARVC Outdoor Hospitality Conference & Expo, enabling travelers to access a range of features from their laptop or mobile device that will help them manage every aspect of their reservation.

According to a press release, the Guest Portal provides access to past, current and future experiences while also enabling users to update preferences or make online requests, ultimately freeing up park employees’ time spent answering phones and responding to emails so that more one-on-one time can be spent attending guests needs.

In addition, a Housekeeping Portal will be revealed, a feature that enables managers to monitor tasks and update status for cabins, yurts, and cottages from their smartphones and tablets. Housekeepers can log into their mobile devices remotely to see which tasks they have been assigned each day. Once tasks are complete and sites are inspected, integration with the RMS property-management system will alert the front office that they can assign cabins to the next guest.

The new Guest Portal and Housekeeping Portal will be on display in Booth No. 106 at the ARVC conference, running Oct. 7-10 at the Raleigh Convention Center in North Carolina.

RMS Hospitality Solutions is also adding a new “Events Management Module” to  The Hospitality Cloud. Designed to automate the event booking and scheduling process, the module streamlines everything from setup and task scheduling to reporting and billing.

“The new RMS Events Management module is designed to organize and oversee the smooth running of all group functions,” said Todd Sabo, President of RMS North America. “It’s an optional add-on to The Hospitality Cloud that essentially automates the event order process and provides a more comprehensive outline of the details of any event.”

The RMS Events module will enable staff to:

• Book events and related event space.

• List the number of attendees.

• Record setup configurations.

• Assign coordinators per event.

• Schedule event support staff.

• Assign rate types and charges.

• Assign tasks to internal staff and external third-party vendors.

• Record charges and fees for each task, cabin or service.

• Compile detailed event reports to distribute to staff and clients.

• Compile detailed billing records.

• Establish a budget for each event.

• Compare budgeted costs and revenues with actual costs and revenues.

In addition to the Events Management module, a new “Rate Manager” module has been added to The Hospitality Cloud, a feature that enables park operators and owners to quickly and easily manage rates.

“With the new rate manager, park operators and owners will have the ability to control site rates with the touch of a button” said Todd Sabo, President of RMS North America. “The new interface makes it easy to control allotments, adjust minimum nights, and promote hot deals — with icons that illustrate your amazing deals — to incentivize campers to book now. We’re so excited to show this off — especially the imagery that can be applied.”