Plans to improve Veterans Boulevard in Palmview, Texas, run right through a local RV park, television station KGBT reported.

The city reached an agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation to expand Veterans Boulevard — which is also State Highway 495 — from a two-lane road to a four-lane road with a center turn lane.

Expanding the road, though, will mean taking land from nearby Melody Lane RV park, which opened in 1989.

To accommodate the expanded road, the park will lose nine spaces, said park Manager Sharon Sachs.

“We’ll have to have our wall removed and replaced, our electric gate system replaced, we have a septic system that would have to be blocked off or removed,” Sachs said.

Sachs said she’s worried about the RV park’s future, but supports plans to expand the road.

Department of Transportation spokesman Octavio Saenz said the RV park will be compensated,

Construction may begin in 2020.

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