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Roadtrippers, a trip planning tool that helps road trippers turn their trips into adventures, is helping road travelers make the most of this year’s road trip season with a series of exciting initiatives, according to a release.

Starting Memorial Day weekend, Roadtrippers is offering an array of new features, discounts and inspirational trip guides, empowering travelers to create memorable adventures on the open road this summer. National Road Trip Day, which falls on Friday (May 26), marks the perfect occasion for enthusiasts to kick off their summer road trips. To commemorate the start of the road trip season, Roadtrippers is inspiring travelers with road trip horoscopes. Travelers can see what the 2023 road trip season has in store for them based on their zodiac sign, listen to customized playlists and let the stars guide their road trip journey this summer.

Stephanie Puglisi

“We believe that road trips have the power to transform our lives and create unforgettable memories,” said Stephanie Puglisi, vice president of content at Roadtrippers. “As we kick off this road trip season, our goal is to provide road trippers with the tools they need to plan extraordinary journeys, find hidden gems, have unforgettable adventures and do it all while navigating safely.”

With rising travel costs, Roadtrippers understands that many travelers are seeking cost savings as they plan for their summer vacations this year. To help travelers save this summer, Roadtrippers has partnered with Pilot Flying J, a leading travel center network, to offer exclusive discounts* to its users at the pump. Sign up for Roadtrippers’ email newsletter for more ways to save this summer.

When travelers are ready to start planning their summer road trips, Roadtrippers has comprehensive trip planning tools ready to make the process easy and fun. Roadtrippers users can easily map out their routes and find Extraordinary Places along their journey along with quirky roadside attractions to make their trips more memorable. Whether it’s a cross-country adventure or a one-tank weekend getaway, Roadtrippers has the resources to help travelers curate unforgettable experiences.

Safety is also paramount for Roadtrippers, and the brand offers tools to help its users find the best routes. RV GPS allows Roadtrippers Plus members to find safer routes when traveling in their RV, and Roadtrippers’ Apple CarPlay integration ensures convenient access to Roadtrippers’ features and guidance while traveling in a traditional vehicle.

Roadtrippers is part of Roadpass Digital’s portfolio of leading digital apps that provide campers, RVers, and road trippers with end-to-end trip discovery and planning tools.

To learn more about Roadtrippers, visit roadtrippers.com or contact media@roadpass.com.

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