Rocket Ranch

The Rocket Ranch offers campers a chance to stay close to the Space X launch site.

SpaceX is attracting a lot of attention to Texas’ Rio Grande Valley and particularly to the Brownsville Boca Chica area, according to ValleyCentral.com.

The Rocket Ranch in Brownsville is the closest lodging to the SpaceX launch site.

The Rocket Ranch’s managing partner, Anthony Gomez, explained that the property offers a unique experience and is evolving from its initial opening early last year.

“Rocket Ranch is a platform that allows individuals that are looking to really appreciate what Space-X is doing and space exploration in general,” said Gomez.

He explained that the campground offers lodging in a trailer, clubhouse, spots for RVs and tents, and is planning for additional lodging.

“We are working on our Mars colony, which will be kind of a village of shift pods if you will,” said Gomez.

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