Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) CEO and Chairman Jim Rogers talked to a gathering of hundreds of the top leaders in the North American RV industry today (May 8) at the RV Industry Power Breakfast in Elkhart, Ind.

Rogers offered his list of “10 reasons you should buy RV stock or marry the son or daughter of an RV executive:”

1. He started with, “70% of existing RVers intend to buy again. That is amazing.”

2. “Baby boomers are the prime target for you. It’s going to be huge. It’s 26% of the population.”

3. “Fifteen million American campers camped last year without an RV. Wow.”

4. “You may think about the deluxe cabin and say ‘Oh my goodness Jim, those guys are never going to buy an RV.’ We watch those people tour the campground … those people are first-timers to a good extent. They are potential buyers for the RV industry.”

5. “Mom was right. Go outdoors. From a health standpoint, take a hike and call me in the morning. Kids that are in this experience outdoors, it’s powerful. You are putting them there.”

6. “Long-term petroleum industry forecast is for abundant gasoline supply and stable pricing. That will have a major impact on the RV vacation.”

7. “Outdoor enthusiasts want “soft rugged.” An RV is perfect for soft rugged. I hook my bike on the back, I get in the unit, I don’t have to unpack.”

8. Lorne Armer, KOA’s VP of brand development, detailed KOA’s new branding, and said, “ Camping is a lifestyle choice.”

9. Rogers jumped back in, saying in today’s society, “We don’t take the moment and make the most of it. We call it genuine engagement at KOA. We actually talk to somebody. That is what we need more of in this society.”

10. “We are creating a better tomorrow by delivering superb RVs, outstanding outdoor hospitality and the campfires for s’more genuine engagement.”