This custom No Boundaries travel trailer by Forest River Inc. is being raffled off as a fundraiser for Care Camps.

The raffle for a custom No Boundaries travel trailer by Forest River Inc. that is raising funds for Care Camps has reached its goal of raising $40,000 with a little over two weeks still to go before the drawing.

Jose Moniz, of “Rollin’ on TV,” the longtime RV lifestyle television program and organizer of the fundraiser, told WOODALLSCM.com that the drawing is scheduled for Oct. 31 and will be held at the RV/MH Hall of Fame’s museum in Elkhart, Ind.

Care Camps provides camping experiences for children with cancer. The organization’s three biggest fundraisers were canceled this year due to COVID-19, resulting in about a $1 million shortfall.

One of the camps that host Care Camps also was hit by a fire this year, Moniz said.

“There are a lot of great hospitals that take care of the kids, but you never consider the fact that once they leave the hospital their life changes drastically,” Moniz said. “What kid doesn’t like to get out and enjoy the outdoors and kayaking and camping and all of that. This group helps them do that in a more efficient manner.”

Several companies in the RV industry have taken on Care Camps as a charity and donate to the cause.

Jennifer Mercer

At Open House in 2019, Forest River’s Kevin McArt and Moniz got together with Care Camps’ Jennifer Mercer and came up with the idea of the raffle of the Super NoBo. Forest River provided the trailer at cost and a number of supplier partners provided premium equipment such as solar panels, a water filtration system and special exterior graphics to add value.

“A lot of revenue that supports those Care Camps is just not available this year,” McArt said. “That’s why it’s important, especially this year, to support this organization and the 139 oncology camps they have throughout North America.”

To join in the raffle or for more information, visit rollinontv.com and click on Buy Tickets and Learn More Here.

This story was written by Travis Pryor.