RoverPass, a provider of reservation management software for RV parks and campgrounds, is excited to be officially launching in Canada, according to a press release.

According to Statistics Canada, Canada has over 2,500 campgrounds and RV parks and reports that nearly 7 out of 10 Canadians enjoy participating in outdoor recreational activities. This indicates a strong demand for outdoor hospitality services and a growing industry for campground management.

The RoverPass platform automates much of the day-to-day processes that take up the majority of an RV park or campground owner’s valuable time, notes the release. In addition, RoverPass works closely with key industry partners to bring forth the best products designed specifically to improve a customer’s bottom line and help run their business smoothly.

These key products include:

  • Central Reservation System: A complete reservation management system designed to streamline campground operations and make bookings easy, and efficient.
  • RoverPass Marketplace: A directory of bookable RV parks and campgrounds. Owners can list their property to greatly increase visibility among eager travelers looking to book.
  • Tickets and Rental System: A tool for RV parks and campgrounds to sell and manage tickets for events and equipment rentals. The program can be customized to the campground and has built-in reporting for easy revenue management.
  • Channel Management: Allows owners to manage all of their online listings in one convenient place, eliminating the problem of double booking and giving owners more control over their distribution network.

“We’re thrilled to be entering into Canada to help campground owners better manage and grow their business,” said Ravi Parihk, CEO of RoverPass. “RoverPass will bring exciting opportunities for the camping industry by streamlining the reservation process to save both time and money. ”

RoverPass plans to continue its expansion in the coming months and continue its mission to make the booking, payment and reservation management process easy and efficient, notes the release. While the primary focus is on campgrounds and RV parks, RoverPass offers booking and reservations services for all outdoor hospitality businesses looking to better manage their current operations.