The Lauritzens’ properly is located north from Bagnall Road, just south of Jacksonport.

The Door County (Wisc.) Zoning Board of Adjustments plans to deliberate Tuesday (May 1) on an appeal granting a conditional-use permit to allow development of a campground in the town of Jacksonport, after hearing 10 hours of testimony this past week.

The hearing was in regards to the appeal of awarding a permit allowing Cary and Cherie Lauritzen to develop a new campground on slightly less than 22 acres at the corner of State 57 and Bagnall Road, according to the Green Bay Press Gazette.

The campground would include 97 spaces for RVs, plus spaces for tent camping and cabins. It would also have a camping store, laundry facilities and showers.

More than 30 people — some favoring the campground and others opposed — remained at the hearing into early Friday morning.

After the last person had a chance to speak, Zoning Board Chairman Lars Johnson — at 12:50 a.m. Friday — thanked all of the people who spoke Tuesday and Thursday nights.

The land has been in the Lauritzen’s family for at least 60 years, Cherie Lauritzen testified Tuesday.

The Jacksonport Town Planning Commission approved the permit request this past winter. Then, the Town Board approved it in January. The Door County Board’s Resource Planning Committee gave its OK in February. The Town Board reaffirmed its decision in March before an appeal of the Resource Planning decision was filed with the Zoning Board of Adjustments by Kathy Navis and Gay Pustaver, and others.

Johnson said at the beginning of the hearing Tuesday that by conducting its inquiry the Zoning Board had negated the Resource Planning Committee decision.

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