RV and Camper Classifieds Inc. announced today the launch of its new website located at, RVCclassifieds.com/.
According to a press release, the website offers a quick and easy interface to post and review RV classified listings. In addition, the new site has a clean design, responsive functionality and enhanced listing feature for customer-generated content. Customers can post pictures and video, use the geo-targeted RV locator and transcend language barriers through the use of the multi-lingual RV classified platform. The new website goes live on Sept. 1.
“We are excited about the launch of our website. Dealers, private owners, or anyone who visits our site will initially notice it is user-friendly and offers many amenities,” said RV and Camper Classifieds CEO Christopher Allen. “We believe this new site will allow our visitors to have an exceptional experience as we continue to grow and increase our market presence.”
“Our platform has expanded functionality for standard listings including location mapping tools,” added Allen. “Moreover, the site will complement the dealer-partner business model allowing them to offer their current inventory on our platform. Strengthened by our SEO, social media and advertising channels, listings will reach more users in the local and global markets.”