Like many National Fire Protection Association codes, the National Fire Protection Association 70, known as the National Electric Code, undergoes a three-year-long revision cycle for the publication of each new edition of the code. Because specific articles of the National Electric Code address electrical systems for traditional RVs, park model RVs and RV parks and campgrounds, the RV industry is heavily involved in this standard review process, according to a News & Insights report by the RV Industry Association (RVIA).

The process begins with the Public Input Stage where recommendations from the RV industry, the public and other stakeholders are accepted for consideration in the development of the first draft of code updates. These recommendations are currently being accepted until Sept. 7.

After the closing date, the National Electric Code Making Panel 7 will meet to consider all recommendations and provide a response to all submissions received. The RV industry is currently well represented on this panel by Ryan Hyer, TEI; Wade Elliot, Utility Supply Group; Doug Mulvaney, Kampgrounds Of America; David Mihalick, THOR Industries; and Bryan Ritchie and Curt Richardson from the RV Industry Association. These individuals voluntarily serve on this panel to protect the RV, Park Model RV, and RV parks and campground’s best interests regarding potential code changes that could have major impact.

Contributing to the creation and review of standards affecting the RV industry is a critical role of the RV Industry Association’s Standards Department. Department leaders Bryan Ritchie and Curt Richardson are available to provide guidance and assistance to any member looking to be involved in the creation and review process of standards affecting the industry.

All members are encouraged to submit their proposed recommendations during this initial public input period. Involvement in this standard revision process by the industry is key to keeping the RV industry self-regulated.


The National Fire Protection Association accepts public input on documents through their online submission system. To submit your response for the Annual 2025 National Electric Code cycle (2026 edition of the National Electric Code) please see the following instructions:

  1. Click this link for the Annual 2025 National Electric Code Cycle
  2. Select “Submit a Public Input”
  3. You will be asked to sign-in or create a free online account with the National Fire Protection Association before using the system
  4. Click the drop-down menu for “Chapter 5 Special Occupancies” from the Table of Contents
  5. Scroll down to “552 Park Trailers” or “551 Recreational Vehicles and Recreational Vehicle Parks”
  6. Follow the online instructions to submit your Public Input. (See instructions on how to use the submission system)
  7. Once a Public Input is saved or submitted in the system, it can be viewed by signing back into your online account (See instructions on how to use the submission system)

More information on the submissions can be found in the latest Standard News Bulletins. Please contact Bryan Ritchie at britchie@rvia.org or Curt Richardson at crichardson@rvia.org for additional information on how to be involved in the process.