Every June hurricane season begins in the United States. Although the season runs through the end of November, the effects of hurricanes and other natural disasters can last for years.

But a new group is helping people recover from those tragedies, according to a report by Waco Today. It’s the RV Disaster Corps, a program that provides a coordinated effort to enable RV owners to respond to areas in the U.S. touched by disaster.

These roving volunteers act as second responders, usually aiding in the first couple of months after the disaster, helping affected residents clean up property, deal with paperwork, and even listen to their stories.

The corps was especially active along the Texas coast after Hurricane Harvey made in landfall in late August last year.

Jamie Allnut, project coordinator with the Recreational Vehicle Disaster Corps, said the program, which isn’t even 2 years old, already has 300 members in 48 states, though it hopes to keep growing.

Canada also is represented. Recent retirees Liz and Leroy Plett drove their RV some 1,600 miles from their home in Springfield, Canada, down to Rockport to pitch in.

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