A couple said their 2-year-old foster son was barred from a swimming pool at a campsite last week after owners of an RV park in Silverhill, Ala., discovered the boy is HIV-positive, according to ABC News.
Dick and Silvia Glover were asked to produce a doctor’s note allowing their foster son, Caleb, to use the pool and showers at Wales West RV park in Silverhill after Silvia casually mentioned to a desk clerk that he is HIV-positive.
“We weren’t sure if somebody could get the virus if the child upchucked on them or from blood or what,” Ken Zadnichek, the park’s owner, told ABC News. “We didn’t know what the risk was. That’s why we asked for something from their doctor or the county health department.”
The family, who was on vacation at the RV park, left the grounds shortly after the incident July 1.
“Here we are paying for the facilities, but there’s certain ones our son can’t use,” Dick Glover said on Good Morning America.
The retired couple took Caleb to Wales West because of the numerous steam and diesel locomotives featured at the park. Silvia Glover said that Caleb loves trains.