Limestone Cooper Properties, owner of the Pecan Grove RV Park in Austin, Texas, filed a lawsuit against BartonPlace Condominiums amid concerns of recent crane collapses across the nation. The lawsuit states concerns of the construction crane hovering over the park, which houses between 130 and 140 residents, according to The Daily Texan.
According to the lawsuit, park representatives told the developers of the neighboring condominium complex in mid-July that the construction crane was not allowed over the park’s property.
The lawsuit alleges that developers are not concerned with the safety or legal rights of the RV park residents and have trespassed into the park’s airspace to build the condominiums as quickly as possible.
Mary Dietz, an attorney representing Limestone, said in a statement on behalf of both BartonPlace and Pecan Grove Park that both sides are working on settling the lawsuit outside of court.
“Both parties are optimistic that a mutually acceptable resolution will be achieved shortly,” Dietz said.
The Mobile Manor RV Park, also near the condo project, will be relocated to make room for a five-story apartment complex being built by a separate construction company.