Tenants in a Gulf of Mexico waterfront mobile home park between Port Aransas and Aransas Pass, Texas, have until July 11 to vacate the area which has erosion problems.

An RV park is a likely successor for the area, according to the Corpus Christi Caller Times.

Nueces County Park Board commissioners voted Thursday (Feb. 25) to extend the deadline, so a dozen or so residents who live at PJ’s Marina could celebrate one more Fourth of July there with their families.

The county owns the property and has been leasing it to mobile home tenants for years. The state declared it a disaster recovery area last year after heavy erosion from high tides washed away a portion of the land. A $1.55 million Texas Disaster Recovery Funds grant was issued in November, so the county could rebuild it.

Part-time resident Mark Altgelt, a dentist in Kerrville who recently bought a trailer in the park, attended Thursday’s board meeting and asked what the county intended to do with the property.

Board chairman Charlie Zahn said local engineering company RVE would begin construction Sept. 19. It has plans to build a bulkhead a retaining wall to prevent tides from washing away the area put in a paved sidewalk and add a slight elevation to the nearly sea-level land.

The project is expected to be completed in April 2011. The county parks board will then ask for public bids to create a private/public land use for the area.

Altgelt, who grew up in the area as a child, said he would like to put an RV park there. Board members said he would have to place a bid along with anyone else interested in bidding, but they agreed that an RV park would be a likely choice for that area.

“We’ve got to preserve the environment in that area,” said Jim Needham, parks commissioner. “If I had to choose between an RV park or some kind of condominium, I would choose RV park.”

Commissioner Garry Camp agreed.

“We’re surfers and fishermen, so we’re trying to maintain the area, too.”