A planned RV park in Lake Charles, La., has already gotten the green light but parents and teachers at Covenant Grace Christian Academy aren’t happy it’s located right behind the school, television station KPLC reported.

“It’s right there basically in our playground,” teacher Shane Kastler said. “They’re just kind of dumping it here in the backyard of where there are several schools right here. It just seems like there could have been a better place to put something like that.”

The fear is that the new RV park will be located just on the other side of the school’s property line and the thought of more than 200 recreational vehicles just steps away from the swings doesn’t sit right with parent Dana Hebert.

“I’m very disappointed in the fact that our city officials could have and should have done something about it,” Hebert said.

“The City Council never had to vote on it,” said Councilman Dana Jackson.

Jackson said the project was approved almost two years ago when the zoning rules were different.

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