Castle Rock, Wash, like a lot of other “small town Americas” is having a struggle. Once driven by a booming economy, downtown Castle Rock today has more and more vacant storefronts. Local government is doing what it can to churn interest in reopening those stores, but it’s a slow slog, nonetheless, the RV News Service reported.

Enter Charlie Curry, himself a local businessman. Curry told the local newspaper, “It’s just so depressing to see the empty storefronts,” Curry said, explaining his offer. “I’d love to see them full and just sort of came up with this.”

The “this” that Curry refers to may be a remarkable offer: Open up a business in downtown Castle Rock and Curry will give you a year’s free rent in his nearby Toutle River RV Resort. Curry figures that the $6,000 rent value at his resort should just about cover the cost of renting a storefront.

Curry’s done his math. He figures with at least a million fulltime RVers in the U.S., there must be one or two who’ll find the charm of the Pacific Northwest and the free rent at his resort reason enough to pack up and try their hand at merchandising – or whatever commercial activity might lend itself to Castle Rock.

Toutle River RV Resort is a Good Sam Park and a commercial member of the Family Motor Coach Association.