A Mesick, Mich., RV and mobile home park is being ordered to stay open, despite its owner’s efforts to close a portion of it.

Pat Smith, owner of Pat’s RV Park, says he needs to close the mobile home portion because of financial reasons. Smith says his father, who originally owned the property, passed away and left him with a lot of unfinished business, according to UpNorthLive.com.

Smith’s attorney Nathan Piwowarski says that’s why he raised the rent for mobile homes from $200 to $250 a month. After many of the tenants did not return the signed leases, he said he had to increase the price to $400 a month.

That caused several tenants to gather and form a group. One of the tenants’ attorneys, Chris Campbell, says they planned to discuss a compromise with Smith.

Piwowarski says the tenants sent his client a letter. Several days later, Smith decided to close the park, sending out eviction notices after much thought and remorse.

The tenant took Smith to court. His attorney claims the eviction notices were sent out of retaliation for the group working against Smith.

A Wexford County judge ruled in the tenant’s favor.

Piwowarski says because of financial setbacks, Smith will not be able to operate the RV portion of the park this season.

He said the rent increase was due to some mismanagement prior to Smith taking over the business.

Piwowarski said his client still plans to close the mobile home portion and convert the entire property into a seasonal RV park in the future.

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