Baldwin County, Ala. A surge in RV park permits in Baldwin County, Ala., is keeping planning officials busy, according to NBC 15.

Many of the projects are under review and being debated right now. Officials say it’s all about wide-open land in zoned and un-zoned areas of the county. As it stands, planning officials say 20% of its applications are for RV parks.

Why are they so popular?

“I think there’s a demand for them simply because rent in Baldwin County has gotten so high. There’s a lot of workers in town with the growth that we are experiencing. I do think they serve a purpose, but we need to be very careful of the impact they have on utilities, the density in certain area and also on traffic,” said Fairhope Mayor Sherry Sullivan.

County Planning and Zoning officials say just as fast as they’ve been getting construction applications, they’ve also been getting complaints and concerns.

“Baldwin County is pretty unique. Citizens have to petition to become zoned and they have to get 10% of signatures of the registered voters in that area and then an election is held,” said Baldwin County Planning and Zoning Director Matt Brown.

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