Work is now underway for a massive new Yanks Air Museum in Greenfield, Calif.

The museum will be built on Highway 101 at the former Hansen Ranch. In about six years, it will also have a winery, hotel, RV park and runway with historic planes, KCBA-TV, Monterey, reported.

“It’s magnitude is large for the city of Greenfield,” says Mayor John Huerta.

Phase one of an estimated $60 million-$100 million project just started. It will become one of the biggest air museums in California.

“The Yanks folks finally broke ground,” says City Redevelopment Director Paul Mugan. “You can see the heavy machinery, the grading activity, the surveying for road alignment. It represents an enormous investment.”

According to the city, this investment means 40 current construction jobs and 200 to 300 new jobs. That means more money to the local economy at a time when Greenfield has a high foreclosure rate when the city is losing money.

“We have received lower revenues from the state from federal tax base,” says Huerta. “This project will give us a shot in the arm.”

So you may be asking why Greenfield? Mayor Huerta said the owner chose this land for its prime location off Highway 101, calling it the center of the Salinas Valley.

The money to build the museum is coming from the property owner and now, with this project and a new courthouse on El Camino Real in the works, Greenfield now hopes to make its mark.

“It is time that Greenfield has stepped up and received projects,” says Huerta. “Other cities, north of us and south of us have received projects, in the private sector and government level and now we are getting a piece of the pie.”