RV park teams with dealership to promote winter safety.

Spending a North Dakota winter in an RV might sound like a crazy idea, but hundreds of people are about to do it. There are steps that need to be taken immediately to get ready for the cold, KMOT-TV, Minot, N.D., reported.

Coates RV in Williston is teaming up with the Williston Village RV Resort to present a free seminar to RV owners this weekend. The seminar will cover skirting methods, along with the dangers of mold and carbon monoxide.

“It’s absolutely critical that everybody gets ready if they’re going to stay in one of these RVs for the winter, they have to get them skirted up and do all these precautionary things to survive,” said Coates RV manager Tim “Dutch” Deick.

The most critical step is keeping the heating and water systems under the trailer from freezing. This can be done by “skirting” the bottom of the RV with wood or plastic.

“The reality is, when we do get some sub-zero weather, it will be near impossible to keep a trailer warm. You will not be warm, plain and simple. Worse case scenario, people can and will die and that is absolutely what we want to help prevent,” Deick said.

“There are many people that have never lived through a North Dakota winter, and if you were here last year you didn’t live through a (normal) North Dakota winter, so it is absolutely for educational purposes, we’re not asking anyone to buy anything, we truly just want people to be safe and to survive the winter,” Deick said.

RV owners should already be prepared for winter weather, but at the RV resort, that isn`t the case.

“I’ve driven around town and looked, there are more not ready than there are ready. We were very fortunate last year to have a very mild winter. Its hard to believe that we’ll get two in a row, even though I’m praying for it. I think we need to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best,” Deick said.

The seminar is this Saturday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Williston Village RV Resort. For more information you can visit www.willistonvillagervresort.com.