A recreational motorcycle group joined other Winter Texans and year-round residents to buy turkeys that combined weighed about half as much as a Harley-Davidson Road King motorcycle, the Valley Morning Star of Harlingen, Texas, reported.

The turkeys were delivered Friday to the Loaves and Fishes shelter in Harlingen, where they will be the main attraction at Christmas Eve dinner.

The Conservative Retired Adult Bikers club, the singles club and other residents of Fun N Sun RV Resort in San Benito pooled their money to buy about 400 pounds of turkey.

In all, 400 pounds represents 20 turkeys.

“Instead of doing a gift exchange, we decided to do this instead.” CRAB member Luanne Kalas said. “(The shelter) needed help and they deserve to have a good Christmas too.”

Members of both clubs volunteer year round to contribute to the community that they enjoy, she said.

“We try to do more than just for ourselves,” she added.

Loaves and Fishes of the Rio Grande Valley is a non-profit agency that offers the homeless and needy a place to restart their lives in a caring and supportive environment.

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