Home Sweet Home RV Park and Laundromat in Tool, Texas, will no longer be that for some longtime residents, as reported by David Webb at CedarCreekLake.com.

The Tool City Council ordered all mobile homes and any RVs in place for more than 180 days or “not highway ready” to vacate the park. Only RVs with permanent foundations under them would be allowed to remain in the park longer than 180 days under the provisions of the 2006 International Business Code.

Steve Cox, the RV park’s owner, and his lawyer, Jason M. Berent, said the council’s action would place a hardship on the residents, the owner and the owner’s real estate agent. Berent called the council’s action a “sham.”

“It’s going to cost a lot of people a lot of money,” Berent said. He argued that the business should be allowed to continue operation as is under a grandfather clause.

The council cited a 2001 ordinance in making its decision.

Cox bought the park in 2004, and but he noted it had operated as a permanent residence for people prior to the 2001 ordinance.

“I think they’re crazy,” Cox told Webb. “They are trying to bully me around, and I don’t like being bullied.”

Cox said the issue arose because he tried to sell the property, and the prospective buyer was told by city officials the park’s operation would have to change from permanent residency to temporary residency. The buyer backed off after hearing that, he said.

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