For the past four years, John Vaught and his wife, Cheryl, have been full-time RVers, spending their summers at various campgrounds in Oregon and Washington and their winters at Golden Village Palms RV Resort in Hemet, Calif..

But there’s more than one reason the Vaughts keep coming back to Golden Village Palms in their 32-foot Gulf Stream motorhome. In addition to offering a vast range of activities and live entertainment, the 1,019-site RV resort is constantly being upgraded with new amenities, its newest feature being a Wi-Fi system that’s so strong it can handle streaming video, according to a written announcement from Golden Village Palms.

“Most Wi-Fi systems in RV parks cannot handle that much data,” Vaught said, adding that Wi-Fi systems in campgrounds, RV parks and resorts range from “absolutely horrible to acceptable to rarely very good.”

Michael Carle, general manager at the resort, said, “Wi-Fi is a critically important amenity for travelers, and particularly for snowbirds.” He said the park tried Wi-Fi systems offered by several different companies in recent years before determining that its latest system, provided by San Diego-based ZTelco, could not only meet but exceed its guests’ Wi-Fi requirements.

“We installed the system several months ago and asked our guests to try to overwhelm it,” Carle said. “They couldn’t.”

The durability and reliability of Golden Village Palms’ new Wi-Fi system is key for the Vaughts and other snowbirds, who rely on Wi-Fi so they can use their laptops to check email, playing games and watch movies provided by Netflix and other entertainment providers.

Vaught said they have a Roku box, which enables them to watch high-definition television using a Wi-Fi signal. And since the Vaughts are typically at Golden Village Palms for six to eight months at a time during the fall, winter and early spring, it’s critical they have a Wi-Fi system that works.

“Being without a computer today is different than it was 20 years ago,” Vaught said. “It’s how we keep in touch with our family. It’s how we get our entertainment. We need a Wi-Fi system that works.”

Golden Village Palms RV Resort is owned and operated by La Jolla, Calif.-based SunLand RV Resorts, which owns and operates 10 RV resorts with 2,520 RV and park model sites in California, Florida and Michigan. More information about Golden Village Palms and SunLand RV Resorts is available at www.goldenvillagepalms.com and www.SunLandRVResorts.com.