Former Natchez, Miss., Mayor Larry “Butch” Brown may soon develop an hotel-RV resort in the city.
Brown and representatives of Ramco Developments, of D’Iberville, Miss., told the Natchez Planning Commission Thursday night (Aug. 21) they were considering the development.
Brown owns the 13-acre site that would house the 70-room hotel and approximately 23 RV pads, according to the Natchez Democrat.
The hotel would sit on the street and Mike Vahle, land acquisition manager for Ramco, said the resort would sit back behind it about 150 or 200 feet. He said there’s room to grow in the amount of RV pads.
Vahle said the development would be a resort, not an RV park. It would be designed to be used by those who own high-end recreation vehicles, giving a $500,000 to $2 million range.
Also, the resort would not be crowded and would incorporate a lot of green space.
Bobby Mandal, CEO of Ramco, said the “amenities would be exceptional” but the price of each pad will be as well. Essentially, the prices of the pads would wean out any less than desirable clientele.
Natchez is a tourist’s destination, he said, and the resort development would be, too.
“An RV park you’re not going to remember, but a tourism destination you’ll never forget,” Mandal said.
Brown said with everything they have planned, it becomes a hotel and recreational resort.
“It eliminates the fear from the general public that we’re building a trailer park,” Brown said.
Vahle said it will flow with the general theme of Natchez.
The representatives also pitched to the planning commission that Natchez is in need of a resort, especially with the amount of Baby Boomers retiring and purchasing RVs.
“What we’re trying to do is fill that need in a way that would be suitable for this city,” Vahle said.
The planning commission was in support of the idea, though it may take some finagling to get it in place. There’s nothing in the zoning ordinance that accommodates an RV development. This would require public hearings before the commission and before the board of alderman in order to rezone the area.